Common mistakes

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a
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1. a magazi artic on the subject of discrimination
2. "Tapferkeit" = brav or coge
3. "These" (singular + plural) = thess (sing.) ; thess (pl.)
4. a depressing exprience
5. irregular forms: to hit => h (past tenste) => h (past participle)
6. irregular forms: to leave => (past tenste) => (past participle)
7. "auch" + "obwohl" = al + al
8. She had no choie b to leave.
9. "Virtual" means in German "p" or "qu".
10. She was ba injured.
11. Why should I want to make you feel ba?
12. Fill in the indefinite articles: English girl; Scottish girl
13. "Tell" unlike "say" needs an indirect object. => "Sie sagte (ihnen), dass sie geschlagen worden sei."
13a. She said ( ) that she had been beaten.
13b. She told that she had been beaten.
14. She couldn´t do thing a the hooligans.
15. "Handlung" = a, pl, sto
16. "That´s unreal!" she laughed. = "`Das gt´s d n!´, rief sie lachend."; "`Das d d nicht w sein!´, rief sie lachend."
17. "if" or "when"?: Everthing would have become worse she had not left the island.
18. Fill in "quite", "while" and "a" in the right order. => She hasn´t seen her mother for .
19. The text can be dvided i four parts.
20. "schlecht behandelt" = ba treat
21. "bedroht" = threat
22. Don´t overload your students with informatio.
23. Further informatio available on request.
24. "rassistisch" = racis; racial
25. "Sie liebt die Natur." => She love.
26. "furchtlos" = f; dless
27. Something terrible happen yesterday.
28. "Schaden anrichten" + "Schaden erleiden" = to c dam; to s dam
29. "angeblich" = ally
30. "Grausamkeit" = cr