Common mistakes

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a
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1. Rita reacted (angry).
2. She was angry (preposition?) her parents.
3. He couldn´t s ("retten") his family.
4. She wanted the racists pun. (... "dass die Rassisten bestraft wurden".)
5. I am disappointed (preposition?) the decision.
6. "selbst wenn" = e
7. So they get an impression (preposition?) what they are like.
8. Let me have a look (preposition?) that.
9. a h p ("hochbezahlt") worker
10. a l p ("niedrig bezahlt") worker
11. Her hate (preposition?) the gang grew.
12. Her hatred (preposition?) the gang was immense.
13. "insgesamt" = the whole
14. Her heart was fi ("von großem Zorn erfüllt").
15. There was ("ein großer Hass") in her voice.
16. ("der Patriotismus") can be a danger.
17. "rassistisch" = r
18. There was an attack (preposition?/"auf") her family.
19. The headmaster didn´t do anything and the police didn´t react ("auch").
20. The police didn´t do anything a (preposition?) the attacks.
21. Do you rem ("sich erinnern") the song "Only you"? - Yes, of course. It rem ("erinnern") me (preposition?) my first date.